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Call for Nominations & Motions

30 Jul 2021 12:54 PM | Elizabeth Bass Webmaster (Administrator)

Annual Meeting

WSRID’s 2021 Annual Meeting will be held online Saturday, October 23, 2021, 10:00am–12:00pm.

As announced in February, based on feedback from members and a discussion with WSAD, we will not be hosting a conference this year but we are planning to host a joint conference with WSAD in 2023. We are still eager to connect with you during our online Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 23rd this year! 

For WSRID to be effective, the board and members must work together. The responsibility of the board is to coordinate the activities of WSRID to ensure that what we do supports our purpose and mission, while fulfilling legal and contractual obligations. The responsibility of members is to be engaged with the profession, with the communities we serve, and with your professional organization in ways that are meaningful.

The Nominations/Elections/Referenda Committee is asking you to stop and think. Look back. Look ahead. Look around. Ask yourself four questions: 

  • Who would you like to encourage to join the Board of WSRID? Board members are responsible for oversight and working with members to strengthen WSRID, the profession of interpreting, and the varied Deaf and DeafBlind communities in Washington State and around the country.
    • CLICK HERE for more information about open board positions, requirements, and how to submit a nomination for the board.
  • Who do you think deserves recognition for their contributions, character, and commitment to WSRID and the interpreting profession?
    • CLICK HERE for more information about awards, requirements, and how to nominate an awardee.
  • What can WSRID do to better serve the interpreting profession, Deaf and DeafBlind communities, and WSRID itself as an organization? 
    • CLICK HERE for more information on requirements and how to make a motion.
  • Do you have a few hours per month to check nominations for eligibility, review motions, support the election process? Work with us to strengthen democracy, representation, and engagement in WSRID!

All nominations and motions for this year must be submitted by Monday, September 6, 2021 to the Nominations Committee.

We’re eager to work with you ~ Together we can thrive!

Board Nominations

This year, elections will be held electronically. 

There will be seven WSRID positions open for the upcoming 2 year term (January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2023). Positions, roles and responsibilities are listed below. 

To nominate a colleague for a position on the Board, please email the name to the Nominations Committee by Monday, September 6, 2021

Open Positions:

  • Vice President (2 years) 
  • Treasurer (2 years)
  • Three director positions (2 years)
  • Deaf/DeafBlind Community Representative (2 years)
  • Student Director (1 year)

The Vice President must be a Certified member of WSRID in good standing for at least the past two consecutive years. The Student Director requirements are listed below.  All other candidates must be voting members of WSRID (Certified or Associate) in good standing for at least the past two consecutive years. 

Board Roles & Responsibilities: 

All Directors:

WSRID Board Directors: [2-year term]

  • Assume the legal and ethical responsibility for the actions and activities of the organization.
  • Set the goals for the organization and the Board.
  • Review and approve policies, operations, programs and committee work.
  • Approve the budget and monitor finances.
  • Maintain good community and public relations
  • Serve as liaisons to WSRID committee(s) - maintaining contact with committee
  • coordinators, reporting to the board on committee issues, and forwarding committee meeting minutes to the Board Secretary.
  • Prepare for, attend and participate in Board meetings.
  • Share duties/roles of facilitating board meetings with other Board members.


WSRID Vice President: [2-year term]

  • Assumes all responsibilities and duties of a Board Director
  • In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President and have all the powers of the President. 
  • The Vice-President may have other powers and duties set by the Board.

WSRID Treasurer: [2-year term]

  • Assumes all responsibilities and duties of a Board Director.
  • Supervises the receipt and safekeeping of all funds of the corporation and deposits that may be designated by the Board. 
  • Prepares and monitors the Annual Budget (July - June). 
  • Provides financial reports to the Board monthly, quarterly and annually.

WSRID Deaf/DB Community Representative: [2-year term]

  • Assumes all responsibilities and duties of a Board Director
  • Represents the needs of diverse Deaf and DeafBlind communities.
  • Consultant to the board to ensure WSRID operations and policy decisions are inclusive of the values of diverse Deaf and DeafBlind communities. 
  • At the discretion of the President, the Deaf or DeafBlind Community Representative may act as a liaison between WSRID and Deaf and DeafBlind organizations.

WSRID Student Director: [1-year term]

  • Assumes all responsibilities and duties of a Board Director
  • Serves as liaison to Interpreter Training Program Students, maintaining contact and sending out annual (spring) solicitation announcements and requests for instructor recommendations for following year’s student director position.

Qualifications for Student Director:

  • Must have been a member of WSRID for at least 60 days.
  • Must have a recommendation from an ITP instructor.
  • Must be in the final year of interpreter training
  • Must be able to participate in board meetings using sign language.


The Judie Husted Member of the Year Award is presented to a WSRID member who reflects the character traits and commitment to our organization as displayed by the award's namesake. Those traits include dedication, mentoring, service, and involvement to better our organization and support colleagues.

The Theresa B. Smith Distinguished Service Award is an award WSRID gives to express its deep appreciation for dedication, inspiration, and vision, as well as many other contributions to the organization and the profession. Named after Theresa B. Smith, CSC, PhD has served WSRID as an active member since WSRID’s founding in 1968, serving as board member, mentor, and conscience of the organization. 

Please submit name and reasons why you support this person receiving this award to the Nominations Committee.

Learn more about these awards and past recipients


Do you have a proposal, or an idea for a proposal, for how WSRID can improve? 

We want to know! All motions brought to membership for vote will need: 

  • Motion - what you are asking for WSRID to do; brief, but with as much detail as possible.
  • Rationale - why is this important? How does it support WSRID mission and purpose?
  • Impact - what will happen if this motion is passed? What changes? Will there be any financial impact - expenses to be paid or income generated?

The Nominations/Elections/Referenda Committee can help you prepare and format your motion if needed. Please send motions, questions, ideas to the Nominations Committee.

Nominations/Elections/Referenda Committee

The N/E/R Committee is responsible for doing the work that involves members in the democratic process to ensure that WSRID represents and serves the best interests of our members, our communities, and our profession. 

What does that mean? Between now and the end of 2021, the committee will:

  • Seek nominations from members and serve as resource for information
  • Review nominees’ qualifications for board positions, request candidate statements, and communicate with candidates before the election
  • Review referenda proposals, along with Bylaws Committee, and coordinate with members making proposal to prepare for Annual Meeting
  • Oversee the election and voting processes
  • Communicate committee’s needs and activities with board liaison 
  • Prepare report to submit to the Board after Annual Meeting

Do you want to see WSRID thrive for years to come? Are you able to commit a few hours per month (give or take) during the next 6 months? Do you miss the opportunity to work with colleagues, doing something that will have a lasting impact? Do you have questions? Email Nominations Committee.

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