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Open Letter to RID Board

15 Jul 2021 7:29 AM | Elizabeth Bass Webmaster (Administrator)

An Open Letter
July 6, 2021

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To the current RID Board, we send our heartfelt gratitude, our sincerest apologies, and our commitment to do better. 

We know that serving in these roles is not easy. We know that doing this work requires sacrifice, courage, and perseverance. So first, let us say thank you. Thank you for your willingness to take on such hard work. Thank you for representing the people in our profession and in our communities, many of whom have been marginalized by society and our field for far too long. Thank you for leading fearlessly and showing us what we are all capable of. Thank you for donating countless hours, often giving up paid assignments or time with your loved ones, to do this work. Thank you for being vulnerable, for having hard conversations, and for being willing to unpack bias and call out oppression.

To those of you who have endured personal attacks, bullying and harassment, and who have been the targets of ugly racist agendas, we recognize that as a member driven organization, we have failed you. We did not do enough to support you in your time on the board, and we did not do enough to interrupt these attacks when they began. Although we know this comes too late, we want you to know that we have always been rooting for you. You gave us hope and you inspired us in our work as affiliate chapter members. 

We commend you for the work you have done, and although we are devastated to see you go, we support your decision to resign. We hope that you will be able to prioritize your health and safety moving forward.

Our affiliate chapter will continue our anti-racism, anti-audism, and anti-ableism work, and it is our sincere hope that all of the members of RID will work harder to embrace diversity and recognize the talents and positive transformations that come with it. WSRID will continue pushing to raise the bar and to hold ourselves accountable. We are on a path of change and although we may continue to slip or falter, we won’t stop.

Washington State RID Board of Directors
Anna Mansell Karagiannis
Kristin Deverin
Paula Bazinet
Elizabeth Bass
Mark Hoshi
Claudia Kienholz
Gabby Hopkinson
Caroline Allen
Rhesa Durgin
Michelle Miles

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